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Depending on which sign your Mercury is in this could give you an interest in the past and a powerful memory.

Intelligence Quotient (IQ) indicators in Personal Horoscope

It determines how you make sense of your world, formulate ideas and share them with others. Your speech patterns, communication style, sense of humor, quickness of thought—all these are flavored by the position of your Mercury. Which element your Mercury is in is a good starting point for understanding your particular type of intelligence.

Mercury is at home in the air signs, which lean toward rational and logical thinking. In fire signs, Mercury is quick, instinctive and inspirational, water signs give the mind an intuitive and emotional filter, while Mercury in the earth signs tends to be pragmatic and concrete.

Likewise, your Mercury crosses mental boundaries into the mysteries of the imagination and the memories of the past. In the fertile landscape of the mind, your Mercury harvests and interprets your personal experience of life. Knowing your Mercury sign can help you understand and maximize your imaginative potential.

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The aspects your Mercury makes with other planets may explain quirks in your manner of speaking, such as being defensive, chatty, eloquent , emotional, etc. The house of Virgo primarily represents Logic and practical thoughts. Virgo does not care about creativity and imagination, Virgo is all about being practical. Virgo is a sharp critique and also an unbiased judge.


Somebody who wants to pursue a career in law, their house of Virgo must have strong influence of an important planet because it is this house which governs the elements of Logic. An Exalted Mercury gives success in the following professional disciplines. An exalted mercury with some influence of Mars gives tremendous prospects in the higher study of Mathematics, Physics or Astronomy. A person who is researching in the field of Physical science or Mathematics or Astronomical studies will find great results if Mercury is exalted in his chart with some influence of Mars.

People who have exalted mercury are excellent Critiques. Give them any position, any topic or any subject and they will detail it so beautifully and point out the pros and cons of that thing to the finest detail. Hence, people with exalted Mercury will always find success in the profession of a Marketing Analyst, Financial Analyst, A financial broker in a brokerage firm — something which involves deep analysis with numbers, calculations, formulas and other parameters.

Because these people have that capacity of processing complex situations perfectly which normal people do not have. An exalted mercury in the 2nd house or 9th house gives excellent communication skills to the individual. If your mercury is exalted in the 2nd house, you will find success in communication, writing, advertising, news reading, journalism, reporting or anything which is related with Communications.

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An Exalted Mercury in the 8th house gives immense research capacity to the individual. Especially, if that research is being carried out on an unconventional topic, occult sciences or a very rare discipline. Most of the researchers who have succeeded in their research work have the position of a good mercury in their chart. If your mercury is positioned in the 8th house and is exalted, it will be best if you take up a very rare subject and do research work on it — you will certainly be successful in your efforts.

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An exalted Mercury with a combination of Good Rahu, or Good Ketu gives success in the fields of Information technology. They make good programmers, software engineers or database administrators. Rahu and Ketu are the planets which increases the processing power of large amount of information and data, so if they are positioned well in a birth chart with an Exalted Mercury, that person will find success in the fields of Data analysis, database administrators, Data scientists, Technical architect, software architect and so forth.

What Do The Planets In Astrology Mean?

Will speak gently and will be wealthy. Fame will grace you in no uncertain measure. Will be famous and will be a master of the occult.

The Messenger in Your Birth Chart

Will be famous because of your altruistic deeds. Mercury in the sixth makes you the vanquisher of enemies in the battlefield. Will be interested in war and quarrels. Will be anger prone. Will talk sternly and will be lazy. Will be a lover of education, will be learned and handsome. Will be spouse who is quarrelsome. Will have expertise in the esoteric arts. Will be respected for certain philosophic qualities. This benign position of Mercury makes one famous. Has a job with punitive powers.

Intelligence Level , Astrology and Your Intelligence Level - Truthstar

Will have a regal status. Will be a commander and will be the leader of one's community. Will be versatile with wealth and comforts. Will be regal in bearing and respected by many. Benefics in the house of longevity increases longevity. Mercury in Ninth makes one interested in the esoteric arts.

Wealth, versatility, righteousness, ethics, skill - all will be yours will be liberal and endowed with the divine gift of articulate speech. Will have fortune via father and with good partner and children. This benign position of Mercury makes one scholary, famous, and will have tremendous will power.

Will have wealth and all sorts of comforts.