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Joyce Jillson's Astrology for Dogs

Read More. It would be easy to get rattled as Mercury and Uranus polarize to heckle and provoke. Keep your cool It's only going to happen once this year, this rare opposition of Mercury and Uranus, and maybe that With a backdrop provided by the recent shake up of Pluto, Mercury and Mars, and and the Capricorn mo Please enable Javascript for the best user experience.

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Horoscopes by Holiday Horoscopes by Holiday Holiday Mathis learned about the heavenly stars while meeting the earthly ones during her year apprenticeship with celebrity astrologer Joyce Jillson. Recently Published. Venus Transformation Oct 08, In Libra, the sign of partnership, harmony and art, Venus is gloriously at home.

Freely available

Their joint columns have been written in advance through Nov. Starting Nov.

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Jillson and Mr. Gallagher married in and divorced in Among her survivors is her mother, Beatrice H. Though born a Capricorn, Ms.

Jillson regarded herself as a Libra, Mr. Gallagher said, since most of her planets were aligned with that sign.

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Joyce Jillson, 58, Astrology Writer, Dies. Log In.