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They seem outright bland, but they do have a soft and generous inside. They are usually reserved and shy and refrain from aggressive hot pursuits. They are more balanced in their relationship, and thus minimize disruptions over financial matters.


Caring and attentive to details, they aspire a longing for lasting love. They have two shortcomings: One is that they still ogle at other women when they are already going steady. The other is possessiveness. They interrogate their girlfriend on the slightest suspicion. These two habits usually irritate their lovers.

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In married life they are ideal husbands and good bread earners. They enjoy family life and its bliss. Steadfast and devoted, they will not deviate once they make up their minds. They will not regret with their earlier commitment even should someone far better show up later. However, they are extremely jealous and possessive to a fault despite being deeply in love.

Top 10 Reasons Why Taurus is the Best Zodiac Sign

In short, they are both selfish and self-willed. A happy marriage can be predicted. On the other hand they should avoid those of Tiger, Dragon, Horse and Sheep zodiac families.

Taurus born in Ox year Personality Horoscope

Perfect Matches:. Complementary Matches:. Acceptable Matches:. Possible the Best or Worst Match:.

Fortune in 12222

Personality of the Ox. Best Jobs and Working Partners. Answers App. If still in doubt, then one can choose to totally ignore it. Ox compatibility : Rat , Snake , Rooster. As for you single folks, the period might very well mark the beginning of a great passion, a passion that will transform itself into a durable love that could incite you to sacrifice your dear freedom.

This romantic harmony will also provide you with a profound sense of balance and peace. You should also have a decisive encounter that will agreeably transform your life. Also, the amorous understanding between you two will be excellent. In short, it will be good to live by your side. During this time, you can expect faithfulness and long-term commitment to triumph.

Taurus Zodiac Sign | Astrology Answers

Those of you who wish to live in a stable and authentic relationship will therefore be fully satisfied. Might cause some concern for those having a substantial investment in the share market. The uncertainty in the market performance is going to continue for a while before it dies down later in the year. Hence be wise! Recent improvement or recovery from illness is a good sign and one should continue to look forward to more positive things ahead.

Having good health makes one appreciate the importance in life when considering those living in poverty in third world countries.

Taurus Zodiac Sign

In the upper half of the year, luck is normal but in the middle of the year, there will be changes. Be more attentive when signing contracts. Never be a guarantor to prevent court cases. Ox natives are great at forming and keeping habits. Make changes in this area during the Mercury retrograde periods in March, July, or November, and you will find yourself very able to maintain this lifestyle change.

New information about your health comes to you from a class or a book around the time of the July eclipses. Even an article in a magazine might inspire you.

Ox Fortune in 12222

Applying this new idea can lead you to a breakthrough when it comes to your health. Look at your sleep patterns this year and figure out how you can get better quality rest. Perhaps a new mattress, new sleeping arrangement, or daily nap is what's needed. This is particularly important around the time of the solar eclipse in December.

Year of While most of your money is made through your career this year, you do have an opportunity to receive or make money from other sources. In earth Pig years, the harmonious energy allows you to find moneymaking opportunities when you set your heart and mind to the task. In March, when Uranus goes into Taurus to stay, you can receive inspiration from the most unexpected sources.

You might have dreams or wake in the morning with thoughts of the actions to take. Windfalls are possible in June as Venus exits Taurus. Your luck this year falls in the area of resources from others.

Ask and you can receive. This means Ox natives can apply for grants, loans, scholarships, and funding for things like education and businesses. Don't stop at one offering, but keep asking and finding more sources.

You can capitalize on this luck. Unlock your hidden potential. Your exclusive Tarot Reading with month-by-month predictions holds the keys to your success.